Mission Possible - Honoring the Past,
Ensuring the Future


As the world experiences dramatic and rapid change, higher education faces an environment vastly different from when its traditions developed and matured. While central purposes persist and core activities endure - what is taught, what is learned, and what is researched - colleges and universities must address growing questions about the nature and quality of teaching and learning, the work of faculty, the disposition of students, and the sustainability of the enterprise. Above all, institutions must find new ways to integrate traditional knowledge into creative, entrepreneurial, and adaptive skillsets and navigate the responsibility to help students successfully transition to life after graduation. And as demands increase for higher education to demonstrate its value, institutions must learn to effectively communicate their mission and show how their objectives lead to greater student achievement.

The 2018 Academic Resource Conference (ARC) will engage in these conversations and asks WSCUC institutions to consider how higher education’s position and purpose can be clarified and strengthened and how new technologies, emerging trends, and different ways of doing things relate to the academy’s foundational principles. The ARC will explore a variety of questions in FUTURE PERFECT – actions that will have been completed at a point in the future - through these five dimensions:

  • Fundamentals and Foundations - Commitment to Quality, Learning, and Improvement
  • Faculty Roles, Responsibilities, and Support
  • Student Learning and Achievement
  • Telling Higher Education’s Story
  • Higher Education’s Stakeholders: Families, Employers, Policy Makers, and the Public