Student Success:
Higher Ed's Imperative

The 2015 WSCUC Academic Resource Conference (April 22-24, 2015) focuses on developing inclusive perspectives about student success. How do we both promote individual student success and serve broad societal goals? Join us at the western region's pre-eminent meeting for collectively exploring these kinds of critical questions, sharing our practices, and planning for the future of our students and our institutions.

2015 Call for Proposals

Higher education exists both to promote individual student success and to serve broad societal goals, yet the public typically has a narrow definition of student success: access, retention, graduation, and learning something along the way. Even those of us in higher education rarely make clear the relationship between individual student success and the value of higher education in developing a well-educated populace that can achieve broader social objectives. Student success lies at the heart of all of our institutions, but what does it really mean and entail? If we insist on a longer and broader view of student success that accommodates a range of individual and societal benefits, what are the factors that will contribute to the realization of that goal?

The 2015 ARC will explore these and other urgent questions related to accomplishing our mission of student success:

  • How do we ensure that we are improving the chances of success for all students?
  • In the face of shrinking budgets and increased demands for accountability, how do institutions plan, organize, and act to meet the needs of individual students today and the needs of society tomorrow?
  • How might the changing ecology of higher education support this bigger picture of student success... or stand in its way?
  • What roles might emerging institutional or programmatic models, processes, and technologies play in achieving this broader notion of student success?
  • How do we provide evidence of student success at the individual and societal levels?
  • Finally, how does WASC Senior College and University Commission assure student success through its accreditation standards and processes?

The deadline for submitting proposals is Wednesday October 15, 2014.

Presenters will be responsible for registering in advance for the conference, paying the conference registration fee, and covering their own travel and lodging expenses.